UEFA President Alexander Ceferin insisted that plans of a World Cup every two years would kill football. He also revealed that European teams could boycott the tournament if FIFA carry on with its plans of a biennial World Cup. Arsene Wenger is the driving force behind understanding whether plans of a shorter gap between tournaments are possible. The plan for a biennial World Cup was first brought forward by the Saudi Arabia football association in November 2018.

“We can decide not to play in it.” UEFA President Alexander Ceferin said about the participation of European countries in a biennial World Cup. “As far as I know the South Americans are on the same page, so good luck with a World Cup like that. I think it will never happen as it is so much against the basic principles of football. To play every summer is a one-month tournament, for the players it’s a killer. If it’s every two years it clashes with the Women’s World Cup, with the Olympic football tournament.”

“The value is precisely because it is every four years, you wait for it. It’s like the Olympic Games, it’s a huge event. I don’t see our federations supporting that.” he added. “I hope they [FIFA] will come to their senses because I don’t see the right approach to go everywhere except the confederations, not to speak to us. They didn’t come, they didn’t call, I didn’t get a letter or anything. I just read in the media.”

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