According to a source, UEFA intends to take drastic disciplinary measures against clubs that have not yet formally withdrawn from the Super League.

According to ESPN, the four remaining clubs – Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus, and AC Milan – face the organization’s highest suspension, which is a two-year suspension from the Champions League or Europa League.

The league began last month with Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Tottenham Hotspur as founding members, as well as Inter Milan, although those clubs have since withdrawn.

UEFA believes the four clubs are infringing on Article 51 of the laws, which states that “No combinations or partnerships between… clubs associated, directly or indirectly, to different UEFA Member Associations can be created without the permission of UEFA.”

The four clubs who are holding out claim they are in a good spot. It is because the Super League is only asking the body for “permission”. The body permission is required to run their rivalry and was not a formal breakaway. If UEFA takes action, they will be in breach of an order issued by a Madrid judge. This is according to their side of the story.

If nine of the twelve clubs who contributed to the Super League voluntarily declared themselves out of the project. The project will be formally disbanded based on their laws.

According to ESPN, the Super League’s statutes state that the initiative will not be officially disbanded. Until nine of the twelve teams withdraw, the Super Leagues statutes will not be disbanded. UEFA is now trying to meet the threshold. Even though four teams continue to refuse to collaborate and one team’s future remains uncertain.

Illegal Discipline:

The Super League’s injunction against soccer’s different governing bodies complicates the matter even more. A Madrid court has barred any soccer regulatory body from revealing, intimidating, or planning. This is for any discipline against teams or players who participated in or sponsored the Super League.

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