Luke Shaw revealed who his toughest opponent was and puzzled everyone.

The 24-year-old left-back has been playing against some of the best players in Europe since making his professional debut eight years ago-including Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo-but it’s Moses who’s made a lasting impact.

By addressing the question of who was his toughest competitor in his career, Manchester United Defender Luke Shaw shocked everyone. Shaw stood by Messi, Ronald, Mbappe, Bale, or Hazard, but for him Victor Moses was the toughest.

The Nigerian now on loan for Shaw at Inter was a real nightmare. Shaw then played in Southampton, and Moses defended Chelsea’s colors. The Nigerian was one of the 2016/17 season’s Best Blues players. When they took England championship title under Antonio Conte’s leadership.

Victor Moses was the hardest for Luke Shaw.

Manchester United defender Luke Shaw has spoken about how playing in his new place has so far helped him reach his best form of the season. “When I say this, people always think I’m joking, but one of my toughest matches was against Victor Moses when I was in Southampton when I was 17,” Shaw said.

“For me it was a real challenge-fast, strong and direct. I played against players like Bale, Hazard, and Messi and they were all really challenging, but I still see Moses as my toughest opponent,” Shaw told English media.


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