Football is the most popular sport in the world and Vietnam is no exception. They have some of the best football news websites available. Similar to The Football India and Mad Over Football in India, there are a number of sites in the native language of Vietnamese available to readers. 

A wide range of information from match highlights to player profiles to the latest transfer news is available on these websites. Each website has its own unique identity that draws the reader towards it. We have listed six of the best Vietnamese football news websites available 


Tinbong 247 is unarguably one of the best football news sites in Vietnam. They specialize in match predictions and match reports from all the major leagues in the world. Their day-to-day reports help readers stay up-to-date with all the football. 


Another website that helps you with any live football today. They have in-depth coverage of all the best clubs and best football players from across the globe. Xemtructiep is a must-visit for any football lover in Vietnam. 


They specialize in football transfers and the best football players the world over. FanBong coverage of the summer and winter transfer windows are second to none. You can also find information of the football live stream available in Vietnam. 


The site specializes into the life of a football player away from the pitch. Vuatintuc is well known for its football transfers news as well as any news of the best football players away from the pitch.


Another website that specializes in matchday coverage. Tin90min helps bring the best coverage of all the live football scores and match results from a host of leagues from around the world. A must-visit for any reader seeking live coverage of any football matches. 


With all the live football coverage, oppathethao is unarguably one of the best websites available for readers in Vietnam. They also cover any transfer news about the best football clubs and best football players in the world.


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