Watford manager Roy Hodgson revealed that he will not knock on the owner’s door for signings and is willing to work with the resources already at the club. Hodgson takes over after the sacking of Claudio Ranieri with the club 19th in the Premier League table and two points from safety. Hodgson left Crystal Palace at the end of last season and was succeeded by Patrick Vieira.

“I haven’t seen all the players yet, to be frank – there are players injured and players away in the Africa Cup of Nations so I couldn’t even say,” Watford manager Roy Hodgson said. “On paper, the squad is a very big one, they have a lot of merits otherwise they would not be representing their countries as they are at the moment, so it is far too early to say. But that isn’t my major goal anyway. I have five months. My goal is to help the club stay in the league and basically, I am more than happy to do that with the players that are here already.”

“And if the owner decides he wants to present somebody else, of course, we will look into it, but there will be no knocking on his door from my point of view, saying we should do this and that, because it’s far, far too early,” he added. “As everybody knows there are a lot of talented players at the club. There has been a recruitment spin from South America, through Europe and through Africa and some very good footballers have been brought to the club.”

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