Leagues have been delayed and athletic events have been banned because social distancing has become a custom of utmost importance. Stadiums wore a barren look, disappointed athletes glanced at equipment. Fans had been waiting in frustration and lamenting the defeat.

The wait eventually came to an end when the likes of the Bundesliga, the La Liga, the English Premier League, and Series A – the football leagues’ behemoths – announced their resumptions, mainly to fill the depleted coffers. But like any good story, it came with a twist too. The games will be played, naturally, at vacant stadiums.

With their energy bouncing off the TV screens, fans will have to be happy cheering their teams from home. Eder Militao commented on returning from La Liga and the possibility of playing games in the stadium with no fans.

"We will all carry the fans together in our hearts" -Militao

The Spanish top-flight is all set to resume play in about a week from now but will do so behind closed doors. This is the standard everywhere in Europe anyway for now.

Many players have shared their views on the matter and Militao has joined in on the subject as well.

The 22-year-old believes the Madrid squad is ready to play again and has also talked about how they can cope in the stadium without fans.

“We’ll all hold the fans in our hearts together. We ‘re ready to be back at LaLiga. We ‘re already working together and working at a different level is perfect. We are ready for whatever. Having contact with the ball is important, and working on our physical fitness,” Militao told Real Madrid TV.

LaLiga fans must be patient before they can once again be allowed in stadiums.


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