Arsene Wenger has revealed that it is very straightforward to get the best out of Mesut. In 2013, the former Director of Arsenal signed the Real Madrid Playmaker but was frozen under current Chief Mikel Arteta. He wants to stay in North London until his contract ends at the end of the season, but Arteta doesn’t want him.

“Mesut5-007 is a great player and a creative player, but you have to balance the team because it’s not his strength on the defensive side,” Wenger said to Sport.

“To express his talents, he requires independence. He does the job, but he’s not very successful. Mikel Arteta has gone to a counter-pressing team that’s playing high up, and everybody has to work hard so that’s a bit of a handicap for him. But he’s not a bad character, he’s a decent man. It depends on what kind of football you want to play.”


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