Arsene Wenger, the former Arsenal head coach, spoke out about returning to the club.

In any capacity, but under Mikel Arteta as head coach, would you like to be asked to return?

“There’s nothing I like. I’ll support them if they need me. But I’m not expecting that, no,” Wenger TalksSport quotes.”

Wenger said of his feelings after leaving the club: “Time is a good doctor.”

From 1996 to 2018, Wenger headed the London club. The 71-year old Frenchman is now working for FIFA.”

The iconic Frenchman says that, if they need it, he’ll support the former club.

‘Arsenal’ began the worst of the Premier League season under the leadership of Mikel Arteta. With 20 points after 16 games, the club is currently ranked 13th.

The recent victories over Chelsea and Brighton eased the pressure on Mikel Arteta, but now, unexpectedly, Arsene Wenger has said that if the club needs him, he will not rule out a return to North London. He did so in a rare ‘Men in Jackets’ podcast interview.

” I’ll support them if they need me. But I’m not anticipating it,” according to the Daily Mail, the Frenchman said this week.

After a full 22 seasons as coach, Wenger left Arsenal in May 2018 in a very controversial way.

At the end of the time spent at the club, large parts of the fans turned their backs on the legendary coach, which contributed to the fact that the Frenchman left the role of head of ‘Arsenal’ sooner than expected.

Wenger has worked for FIFA ever since Wenger resigned as Arsenal coach but has previously said he has given up many coaching positions over the past two years.


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