As Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Romelu Lukaku clashed, there were plenty of fireworks in the Milan derby in the Coppa Italia quarter-finals this season.

At the halfway point, the towering attackers exchanged industrial slurs, engaging in a physical and verbal brawl that saw them both alerted by referee Paolo Valeri.

In the match, however, Lukaku finally came out on top, as Ibrahimovic was sent off in the second half and the Belgian scored an equalizer before Christian Eriksen hit a decisive last-minute free-kick.

During the heated confrontation, the words of both Ibrahimovic and Lukaku were picked up by the pitchside microphones, with the two players serving volleys of English back and forth.

Ibrahimovic can reportedly be heard saying: “Go do your voodoo sh*t, you little donkey. Call your mother!”

In an apparent invitation to engage further, Lukaku can then be heard responding: “Well, let’s go inside you b*tch. We will see.”

Ibrahimovic replied by apparently repeating his earlier comment. Upon hearing the Swede’s words, the Inter striker grew increasingly annoyed, shooting back: “What did you say? Who?

But what happened between the pair? The aim is to look at what has been said and what, if anything, will come from it.

As they left the pitch, he then followed Ibrahimovic, calling him repeatedly a “b*tch” before delivering the message: “F*CK you and your wife, you little b*tch.”

Before that, the two had squared up, with Ibrahimovic’s head touching Lukaku’s offensively.

In the second half, Ibrahimovic was sent off for a second yellow-card offense, and after the game, AC Milan boss Stefano Pioli explained to his team-mates that the Swede had apologized.


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