Danny Murphy has told talkSPORT not to expect that Trent Alexander-Arnold would ever win the Ballon d’Or award.

Since bursting onto the scene, the 21-year-old right-back has gained tremendous support, with Brazilian legend Cafu singing his praises repeatedly.

“He is an amazing player, a remarkable talent. If he continues to play the way he has been, he’ll be considered as one of the world’s best players. He has the opportunity to win the [Men’s Player for Best FIFA] title. He is brilliant technologically, has so much quality. He has a playful Brazilian theme. I just love to watch him play. And it will help him grow up playing in such a great team,” Cafu told FIFA.com.

Ex-Liverpool man Murphy believes the praise of Cafu was unrealistic though.

Murphy said on talkSPORT on White and Sawyer: “I think he has been able to praise him without talking about the Ballon d’Or. Generally, the Ballon d’Or is for goalscorers and the superstars are it not? But he’s a great, fantastic talent. He is not going to win the Ballon d’Or. I think it is hard to even in a midfield position. Can he score goals from midfield and bend with his passing in free-kicks and open defenses? But will that ever be enough to win a Ballon d’Or? [Luka] Modric won one of those, did he not? Yeah, it’s possible, you ‘re never saying anything but I don’t think so.

“At the moment there is so much talent around, defensively you think a center-half like Virgil van Dijk will possibly be one of the few who has the potential. But because he is an out-and-out defender, he is on a different level,” he added.


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