Gary Neville said the Football Show Manchester United is a ‘very nice’ position to give them a stronger chance next season to mount a league challenge in this Summer Transfer window.

SkySport reports that Neville contrasted United’s plight with the salary deferrals experienced by some of Europe’s biggest clubs as the coronavirus affected football across the globe, where clubs like Barcelona and Juventus are sacrificing up wages to help up teams deal with the pandemic’s financial consequences.

“If we hadn’t had this infection, I think for two or three years Man Utd would have been gone,” he said.


“Where I think there’s a big improvement in keeping them successful is if you were a top player in Europe right now when you have the options of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, all of those teams, Manchester United will miss out on those stars because of where they’re in the team process.”

However, at Old Trafford, players still receive their full income while non-playing staff has not been furloughed either. Neville believes that his former club’s financial position will give them a considerable advantage in attracting the kind of talent they need to mount a title challenge in the Premier League next season.


“United keep signing some pretty high-quality talent and they’re in a position to succeed in this summer’s transfer market. They’re going to be one of the teams that maintain the ability to make more income, and while they’ve found it difficult in the past to hold costs down so salaries in the last eight years, they’re going to be in a very good position to keep up the strength

So I don’t know why it is, but I feel a little more positive about Manchester United’s ability to win just because of what happened next season, and the fact that they started doing a lot better before this lockdown.


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