Former French national team defender Willie Sagnol, now the head of the Georgian national team, talked about Zinedine Zidane’s firing for hitting his head in the chest of Italian national team player Marco Materazzi in 2006 World Cup final.

Do you keep Zidane accountable for his elimination in the final?

I played with one of the greatest players in the world 15 years ago, who was not just a fantastic footballer but also a wonderful human. Perhaps it was the blood that got to his brain that made him human for a few minutes, and people make mistakes. Unfortunately, this did not occur at the most convenient moment.

While there was a lot of rage after the game, we can’t say we would have prevailed if there hadn’t been relegation. Football is a team sport, and this is the lesson that needs to be instilled in young people: we are accountable not just for our results, but also for the overall team’s performance.

Getting blood on your head on the field is a penalty for your team in the first place. Since the 2006 World Cup final, all the French players were against Zidane,” Sagnol said.


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