Zinedine Zidane said in a virtual press conference ahead of the match against Atalanta (Tuesday, 9 pm CET), “We’re starting from scratch because we’ve already played the first leg, but we haven’t played the second leg. We haven’t done anything yet, so it will be tough. To break the tie, we’ll have to show a lot more. The goal is to put in a strong showing, but we must not assume the job is finished after the first leg.

This match is all we’re thinking about right now. It’s a final, and the players are concentrating on it. It’s the second leg, and we know we’ll have to put in a good showing to advance; Atalanta is a very strong team with many strengths and qualities. We know we’ll have to put in a strong showing to advance.”

“I believe they would come here with the intent of winning the game. To advance, we must deliver an outstanding result. We played the first leg and won, but it means nothing to us. We have to play the second leg, which will be extremely difficult for us,” Atlanta said.

“Atalanta are a very strong team and we can’t think that we’ve got them with the result of the first leg”, said the coach.


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