Darren Caldeira believes that Saurav Mandal is a good signing for Kerala Blasters after they signed him on a multi-year deal from Churchill Brothers. Mandal was one of the star performers for Churchill Brothers in the recently concluded I-League. He made 14 appearances for the Goan side, playing anywhere across the front three. The forward scored a goal and provided two assists.

“Yes, Saurav Mandal is another very good signing. I would say for Kerala Blasters the second winger they’ve signed from Churchill Brothers, the first one being Bryce Miranda and I think he’s he’s slightly different to what Bryce offers. I think Bryce is more explosive. He got a lot more pace and more lethal going up front, but Mandal is a more well-rounded winger,” Darren Caldeira said about Saurav Mandal. “He helps a lot more defensively, he doesn’t score a lot of goals, and he wing-backs as well and I was looking at some of his stats. Actually, in terms of key passes in front and interceptions and tackles, and for a winger, he’s got a very high number in terms of interceptions and key passes, so that is good to see. He’s not somebody with a lot of paces, but he’s good on the ball. He’s a good dribbler.”

“I was watching some of his highlights as well, so I think that’s a very good addition to Kerala Blasters. Will, he straight away slot into that starting XI it’s going to be difficult because ho gonna find like Rahul KP who’s going to be back there and Bryce Miranda, we know another left-winger,” he added. “Mandal generally plays on the right there’s Sahal we’ve seen who plays on the wing as well but you know he’s young he’s only 21 years old we’ve seen what Vukomanovic does with the young players and he is a quality player and he is going to improve under him.”

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