Hyderabad FC goalkeeper Laxmikant Kattimani recalled his heroics in the final of the Hero Indian Super League (ISL). He made three saves in the final against Kerala Blasters FC. He had earlier lost in the final of the 2015 edition when he played for FC Goa. In that final, his error lead to the goal that lost them in the final. Kattimani revealed that he was confident despite the pressure of the penalty shootout. Head Coach Manuel Marques believed he was the best goalkeeper in the competition after a number of superb performances.

“I was very confident about the penalties, when I went to face the first penalty then I could see that the penalty taker was under pressure, I tried to put him under more pressure and went on the right way,” Hyderabad FC goalkeeper Laxmikant Kattimani said. “The second penalty was taken by Nishu, even though I was on the line, the referee gave a retake, and even in the second penalty I was confident that it was going to be on the right so I went on the right and saved it.”

“It is difficult for the players who take penalties more than the players who save them cause they are more under pressure than us as they have to walk all the way from the half-line spot thinking about how to score the penalty and also keep listening to what the crowd is saying but for a goalkeeper it is only one decision,” he added. “I know I made an error in the 90 minutes but Sahil Tavora scored an amazing goal and equalized it, we played well even during the extra 30 minutes and when the penalties came up I was sure that I would save at least one or two but I made three saves.”

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