Kerala Blasters FC reserve head coach Tomasz Tchorz believes that experience in the Next Gen Cup is important. He hopes that the teams can be competitive as well and make the most of the experience of playing against top-quality teams. Kerala Blasters narrowly finished second in the Reliance Foundation Development League (RFDL) and are hoping to cause a couple of upsets in the tournament.

“Our preparation is going well. Players came back from holidays so we started from the beginning of the month. We cannot wait to go there and represent India as a football team,” Kerala Blasters FC head coach Tomasz Tchorz said. “Coming back to the game against Bengaluru FC, it was a good game, a competitive game and I think this kind of environment is part of football and I Liked and I’m happy that game happened because it would have told the young players what happens in professional football not on the field but also out of the field as to be ready with a proper mindset.”

“What I can see from the sessions and also from the residency where we live is that our senior team players are very responsible but still young players and that’s why they are able to go with us to this tournament and participate with us in the Developmental league. Hence they deserve to go with us,” he added. “They are leading by example and they are showing us that they have learned from the foreign players and other players in the first team and this is a very positive aspect of them being here because they transmit how to be a professional footballer and how to be in this environment and also how the players should behave not only on the field but also off it in terms of the health, the nutrition, the preparation, and the recovery.”

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