Kerala Blasters FC reserve head coach Tomasz Tchorz believes that the knowledge-sharing sessions with Premier League academy teams in the Next Gen Cup have been extremely important. He hopes that the teams can be competitive as well and make the most of the experience of playing against top-quality teams. Kerala Blasters narrowly finished second in the Reliance Foundation Development League (RFDL) and are hoping to cause a couple of upsets in the tournament.

“I liked these sessions a lot. They were about different topics but all of them were really valuable. For me, it was a possibility to learn how English teams work and to verify what is similar and what are differences between my work and our coaching staff,” Tomasz Tchorz said about knowledge-sharing sessions with Premier League academy teams. “I think it’s interesting to meet these kinds of people from time to time because we as coaches if we are motivated and we learn a lot we have a lot of ideas and the more ideas you have, the less organized they are in your mind.”

“In football, regardless of the opponent you always want to win because you adjust your strategy and your tactics to the quality of the opponents and to the competition that the opponent provides. So, we are going there with a mentality that we aren’t just going there for a trip or as a tourist but we want to compete,” he added. “If we compete with teams that are really of huge quality, then we will that if it’s not possible at this moment due to some obstacles or limits that we have in our team, in our performance then we will understand the situation  We are not going there and taking any results for granted and with the mentality that we have to do something.”

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