Inter was always an alternative for Cavani
Inter was always an alternative for Cavani
Inter was always an alternative for Cavani
EPL English Premier LeagueInter was always an alternative for Cavani

Inter was always an alternative for Cavani

Edinson Cavani has long agreed on terms with Atletico Madrid, and Inter has only ever been an alternative for him, according to recent reports.

The striker is a free agent with his deal with Paris Saint-Germain set to expire on June 30, so they can sign for another club already.

After weeks of speculation, especially after Dries Mertens decided to extend his contract with Napoli, former teammate Ander Herrera told AS that Cavani “would like to play in Spain.”

As Cavani had signed a pre-contract deal with Atletico Madrid months ago, he was never really bound for San Siro anyway, says Inter transfer specialists gossip

Edinson Cavani’s rapprochement with ‘Atletico Madrid, where he is awaiting a three-year free transfer from, opens up a new option in Inter Market: Alvaro Morata, a Spanish striker who has to pay 55 million Chelsea to colchoneros. Matador’s arrival at Simeone ‘s court-he writes-makes the former Juventus player transferable, at a reasonable price.

The great maneuvers on the Paris-London-Madrid axis also affect the Nerazzurri club, which is plumbing the market to seek a worthy substitute for Lautaro Martinez, destined for the steel pact with Leo Messi in Barcelona. Despite himself, Inter had to absorb the choices made by Timo Werner (Chelsea), Dries Mertens (Lifetime Naples), and, specifically by Cavani: that’s why the circle of suitors has narrowed, even because in times of crisis the market wants to hold them, strong players.

After the Mertens turnaround, it is reported that Cavani was an option considered, but talks never really got underway.

Whether Atletico Madrid is ready to deposit the existing contract or is trying to renegotiate the terms in a post-COVID-19 world remains to be seen.

International Uruguay had settled on a two-year contract worth 10 million euros per season.


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