Roy Keane said Blackburn is a "bullsh*tter."
Roy Keane said Blackburn is a "bullsh*tter."
Roy Keane said Blackburn is a "bullsh*tter."
EPL English Premier LeagueRoy Keane said Blackburn is a "bullsh*tter."

Roy Keane said Blackburn is a “bullsh*tter.”

Roy Keane fired at the assistant manager of the Republic of Ireland Keith Andrews, saying the former midfielder of WBA and Blackburn is a “bullsh*tter.”

Having enjoyed some success as the right-hand man to Martin O’Neill in the dugout, Keane left his role with the national team in November 2018, where they qualified for the knockout phase by helping them in particular with Euro 2016.

The Boys in Green face an uphill task to qualify for the postponed European Championships, which will take place next summer, with a trip to Slovakia in the play-offs before a final away against Bosnia and Herzegovina or Northern Ireland. Keane has aimed at a certain member of their coaching staff.

Roy Keane said Blackburn is a "bullsh*tter."

“If I can make one point about the new Irish staff. In the last 10 years, I’ve seen a lot of bullsh*tters and Keith Andrews is among the best of them. I was just too hard at times. I was too gentle sometimes,’ he added. If I was critical, I looked back on my own life and how I was dealing with people, even in management and people may not believe that but I think I was too good to people sometimes. People were stabbing me right in my chest, not on my back. Since I have been good to them,” he told the Irish Independent.

However, on the park, Keane was known as a hard man who, during his time with Nottingham Forest, Manchester United and Celtic, took no prisoners and he has no problems with that.

He said, “I was this who I was. Also in the pre-season, every game in which I have ever had it easy, I guarantee you that I was the park’s worst player. I just couldn’t do that. I really couldn’t. It just wasn’t in my make-up. He said, “If I lightened up too much in football, I ‘d never get to England. And if I had done so, I would not have lasted two minutes.


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