Paris Saint-Germain head coach Mauricio Pochettino revealed that he and Kylian Mbappe will 100 percent be staying at the club next season. There were rumors of a rift between the owners and the Argentinian after they clinched the Ligue One last week. Pochettino has also been linked to a return to his former club Tottenham. He squashed any claims of a rift saying that his relationship with the hierarchy is better than ever. Despite missing out on the Champions League, Lionel Messi will remain at the club for another season.

“There haven’t been any concrete talks, beyond what is normal in terms of our plans with what we have been doing so far. We have a natural relationship, we communicate regarding different topics,” Paris Saint-Germain head coach Mauricio Pochettino said about Kylian Mbappe. “Of course, they change depending on the circumstances at the time but the relationship and the communication are good. We keep working hard, not just bearing in mind the present, but also with the responsibility in this job which is to think about the future, so that is what we are doing.”

“That [the fact I and Mbappe are staying] is how I feel today. That is what I can say to you today. I can’t say anything else. That is how I feel right now,” he added. “This is football, and we never know what might happen. But I have to answer the question based on how I feel today. And this is what I have done.”

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