Moise Kean is 'nothing like Mario Balotelli
Moise Kean is 'nothing like Mario Balotelli
Moise Kean is 'nothing like Mario Balotelli
EPL English Premier LeagueMoise Kean is 'nothing like Mario Balotelli

Moise Kean is ‘nothing like Mario Balotelli

Captain Giorgio Chiellini of Juventus insisted that Moise Kean was “absolutely different” from Mario Balotelli to Everton.

Last year, Kean left the Serie A champions for Everton, with the Premier League side paying £ 25 million (€27 million/$31 million) for Italy forward. The 20-year-old had played for Everton just once in 26 games before this season was postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic, and was officially dropped for a disciplinary violation in November.

Having attacked Brescia forwards Balotelli beforehand, Chiellini said Kean was nothing like the former man of Inter and Manchester City.

“Balotelli has just the shot. Some now compare him to Moise Kean, a boy who appears defiant and unmanageable but is different from Mario. Of course, he was disciplined several times in Juventus youth, but he always showed himself very respectful towards the community when he played in the first team. Often he doesn’t hear the alarm and arrives late, but it’s habits that can be modified without trouble,” wrote Chiellini in Io, Giorgio.

Moise Kean is 'nothing like Mario Balotelli

Kean came to Juventus through the youth system, where he had scored eight goals in 21 games before he left.

Though Kean has struggled to settle in the Premier League, his team-mate Theo Walcott from Toffees has backed him in the future to get him to star.

“He’s 19 and coming to a whole new world, a whole new culture, a new language, a way of playing. You know, it’s hard. It seems like we’re putting a lot of pressure on those players who don’t ask. They just want to enjoy their football, but settling in a new environment always takes time, particularly when you are moving countries.,” Walcott told Target.

During the European Championships Kean and Roma midfielder Nicolò Zaniolo were omitted from the Italy Under-21 squad because they were late in team meetings regularly.

Meanwhile, Balotelli is on the verge of ending his contract with Brescia early today, as it has been confirmed he has not yet returned to training.


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