Alessandro Del Piero reminds Juventus to be vigilant


Serie A defending champions Juventus are stumbling against AS Roma in their second league match. Instead, Juve had to settle for a point from that match (2-2 draw) while striving for victory. Alessandro Del Piero, the legend of the club, immediately reminded his former club to be vigilant.

With four points, the 1-1 draw against Roma leaves Juve in the fourth position in the standings. Cristiano Ronaldo and his friends must be aware of two teams, Inter Milan and Atalanta, who have the chance to win the Scudetto this season, according to Del Piero.

“This season, Inter and Atalanta are serious candidates for the Scudetto title. “As a team, Atalanta has extraordinary maturity, especially after last season’s draw against Juve,” Del Piero said, as quoted by Football Italia.

“The quality of Lazio is also strong, but they are still below the quality of Inter. We know how scary Inter are at the moment when you see their success against Fiorentina,” added Del Piero.

Inter interfered with Juve’s voyage to hit the Scudetto last season. Last season, Atalanta looked very impressive as well.

Inter ended the competition as runners up at the end of last season, while Atalanta was one step below La Beneamata.

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