Alexander-Arnold: “Defending the crown is harder than winning”


Trent Alexander-Arnold says that Liverpool has a big target on our backs now, “with the Premier League crown expected to be defending” harder than winning it already.

Premier League Productions told the 21-year-old full-back: “Nothing’s ever amazing, you’re never going to play 38 perfect games or win any game during the season. It’s hard, it’s hard but it’s not about reaching the points we have or adding more goals for us, it’s about how we can all function as a team and keep winning, the attitude – that’s the main thing that has helped us get that far.”

“We know what it takes to win now, we know that as champions and stuff like that there is a big target on our backs now and when they face us, teams will be especially motivated.”

We need to balance that mentality and take it to the next level to know it’s more important to win it back-to-back than to win it once.

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