Arsenal waiting for a right bid to sell Mesut Ozil


Tony Adams says that if they had the right bid, Arsenal will tomorrow sell Mesut Ozil, but he finds the World Cup winner unfortunate because he is still “a big talent surrounded by a lot of mess.”

The former Arsenal captain told Astro Stadium: “I think I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. He ‘s sort of a laid-back person, he doesn’t get too upset about anything, to be honest about you. He’s just going through the motions a bit – what we would call in our day; but today’s players are very different, they ‘re not being challenged in the training.”

I think Ozil is a very sweet and cool guy so do not judge him too quickly. He’s a talented person and half of a head coach ‘s task is to get the best out of that talent. There are so many other reasons and that’s where I think it’s coming in for the Ozil brand and the outside people, and the agents are getting involved. If you look under all of that, there’s a very nice guy in there, a very shy kid, who has a big talent, but he’s surrounded by a lot of mess.”

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