Claudio Pizarro career comes to an end


Inside relegation play-off matches, Werder did a return duel against Heidenheim the day before. They retained residency in the Bundesliga following the two-match confrontation, and the return match was the last of their career for the Peruvian forward Claudio Pizarro.

The 41-year-old forward spent on the bench the entire game. After the last scroll, Pizarro joined the field to accept the teammates’ honors.

Kohfeldt responded to reporters while asking for the end of Pizarro ‘s career as a first division player.

“He is awesome. I was with him after the game as well and apologized for not being able to bring him in his last game. Unfortunately, that just wasn’t the case. But it didn’t matter, he said, the important issue was that we weren’t getting relegated.
Pizarro remains Werder’s best striker in history (153 targets). He is also ranked sixth on the list of top strikers in the history of the Bundesliga (197 goals).”

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