David grateful to the owners of West Ham and is optimistic that he can succeed if he has time



David has thanked the owners of West Ham, David Gold, and David Sullivan, for allowing his oversight of the club’s strategy, and is optimistic that he can succeed if he has time.

West Ham has lacked a consistent management plan in the past, but it seems that Gold and Sullivan value his view of possible signings. The manager enjoys his second spell at London Stadium, and with his contract expiring at the end of the season, he plans to hold negotiations on a new deal in due course.

“The Davids have given me as much power as I might have liked,” she said.

“I don’t sign a check to pay for it, but all I can do is recommend and say what I think we should put in, what I think will give us a shot, and they were really good. We tried for a few players in the [previous transfer] window, and we didn’t quite get one or two center-half of what we were after, but we still tried hard to improve. No one can do it all right all the time. But I think we’re trying to do this with a little more style.”

West Ham, who is likely to be out of Michail Antonio for at least a month after the striker sustained a hamstring injury in last week’s draw with Manchester City, is undefeated in four games before heading to Liverpool on Saturday. Their improvement owes a great deal to the fine work of Paddy, who, after tough stretches in Manchester United and Sunderland, is restoring his image.

“I’ve always felt that, given the right opportunity and the right club, I could do a very good job,” said the former managing director.

“It’s a hard thing to ask for time. Very often, when it seemed like it was challenging, I wasn’t given time. I’m going to go back to my Evil Days where the first year we did well, the second year we didn’t do well, the third year we did well, the fourth year we didn’t do well. But we had peace by that point.”

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