David Luiz crying pictures used in an advertisement


David Luiz was in tears in the semi-finals of the 2014 World Cup following Brazil’s humiliating 7-1 defeat on Germany and the pictures were taken were later used in an advertisement.

David Luiz has reportedly won a legal fight against a construction firm that called him “amateur” and used a video of him weeping in one of their ads.

We make Construction used the famous image of Luiz weeping following Germany’s 7-1 demolition of Brazil in the 2014 World Cup semi-finals. Next to it, Luiz’s crying image had written: “I just wanted to make my people happy.”

Text underneath the picture said: “When you hire amateurs to take care of your family’s dream, it’s almost certain to be 7 to 1”.

Luiz wanted to sue the corporation for brand harassment and moral harm but the lawsuit was dismissed initially.

According to uol.com, the Arsenal defender has since been paid some £4,400 in compensation following the appeal of the ruling. For the second time, judges ruled that the building company could not use Luiz ‘s image without his permission.

The semi-final defeat to the Germans went down as Brazil’s worst moment in football history.

The World Cup was played on home soil and a whole country had expected their people to go all the way. When they had gone on to defeat the eventual winners in that semi-final, a seductive final would have been set up against the bitter rivals of Argentina.

Luiz’s expected to be in the starting line-up later today when the Gunners take on Chelsea in the FA Cup final at Wembley.

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