David Silva scored a 5-0 victory at Etihad Stadium over Newcastle United



On Wednesday Manchester City was back in good form leading a David Silva masterclass to a 5-0 win over Newcastle United at Etihad Stadium.

Silva had a goal and two assists on the score sheet that joined Gabriel Jesus, Riyad Mahrez, Raheem Sterling, and a Newcastle-owned brace.

Man City climbs to 69 points, 20 behind champions in Anfield, and has 86 goals left in the season with matches against Brighton, Bournemouth, Watford, and Norwich City.

At Newcastle, the 43 points are good for the 13th position. Newcastle drew City earlier this year at St. James’ Park, before losing last month’s quarter-final of the FA Cup against Pep Guardiola ‘s men. Not that normally he’s anything but classy but on Wednesday David Silva turned the clock back into a virtuoso show for City.

The Spaniard scored a classy free-kick and picked up the first and final assists of the day to show why he’s one of City’s always best players. He had 134 touches and finished the day with 106-of-112 passes to his end as his lovely City career waltzes

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