FIFA: Gianni Infantino would respect any decision made by its ethics committee


FIFA maintains that its president, Gianni Infantino, would “respect” any decision made by its ethics committee, even though it decided to postpone it until an inquiry into its meetings with the Swiss Attorney General had been carried out.

A special Swiss federal public prosecutor opened criminal proceedings against Infantino in 2016 and 2017 over meetings with Michael Lauber, saying there were “indications of illegal activity” about them.

FIFA and its president have categorically denied any wrongdoing about the meetings and their deputy secretary general Alasdair Bell said on Monday that he is “100 percent sure” that Infantino will not be charged, far less convicted on the matter.

The independent ethics committee of the world governing body has not yet said if it will launch an investigation or not, and Bell said: “We do not see any credible justification for this criminal investigation. We do not see any actions that could be remotely defined as criminal.

FIFA official announcement:

“This is our case study, the ethics committee will have to do its research and come to its conclusion.”

When asked if Infantino would be able to step down as an investigation was being conducted, Bell said: “I do not doubt that Gianni Infantino will support any decision the Committee on Ethics makes.”

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