Fulham to still claim a spot in the Premier League


This term, Fulham still has to claim a spot in the Premier League, with Aston Villa losing a third consecutive loss on Monday.

With a $13 million transfer to Sassuolo’s Marlon after he failed his medical, the Fulham president revealed how his side failed to land the center-back.

Before the summer transfer window closes, the Craven Cottagers are looking to recruit a center-back, and they can move their weight away from the look of things.

Fulham is battling against Tottenham Hotspur to sign Inter Milan Skriniar, according to The Sun.

For £ 45 million, the Series A giants are offering, but the Spurs are holding back.

For the services of the 25-year-old, the North Londoners were willing to pay between £ 30 million and £35 million, and although Inter agreed to cash in on him, more was agreed by the suitors.

Fulham will have to outbid Tottenham and convince Skriniar to have the slightest chance of getting the deal done with a big wage.

Six players have signed this term to date, but they need to concentrate on quality rather than quantity, and with a bold bid for the Inter Star, it seems they are willing to do so.

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