Gini Wijnaldum: Jordan Pickford’s approach to Virgil van Dijk was ‘stupid


Liverpool centerman Gini Wijnaldum says Jordan Pickford’s approach to Virgil van Dijk was ‘stupid.’

Pickford avoided retroactive penalty despite having inflicted a prior ligament cruciate injury on Van Dijk.

But Wijnaldum claims that the challenge of the Englishman was unintended.

He said, “We’re upset, of course. Pickford’s way of going in was dumb.

“I don’t think he intended to hurt Virgil the way he hurt him. In my view, they’re taking it too far in the games we’re playing against them. Everybody wants to win the derby, sometimes you’re going a little over the top, but it was too much-not just his attack, Richarlison on Thiago was also a nasty one.”

“Accidents can happen in football. You can be unfortunate and hurt someone-but the way they did it was inappropriate. It makes it more difficult for them not to be prosecuted, in this case, Pickford.”

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