Jamie Carragher concerned with the form of Roberto Firmino



Jamie Carragher has expressed concern about Roberto Firmino’s form and feels that the foreign Brazilian is in danger of being squeezed out of Liverpool.

Alongside Mo Salah and Sadio Mane, Firmino is part of Liverpool’s vaunted front three, who have been fantastic for the Reds for several seasons.

Last season, they scaled the mountain as Liverpool won the Premier League for the first time since 1990, but Carragher said he was concerned the last term with Firmino’s form and that in the current campaign he has slipped again.

Carragher told Sky Sports, “I am still confident Mane and Salah will start scoring goals again.” “I have to admit that I am concerned about Firmino.

He was never seen as a “goal-scorer.” The other two are responsible for that, so he is there to chip in.

If they’re not scoring, he’s got to be a bigger target threat.

“He had a couple of chances yesterday (during the 0-0 draw with Manchester United) but did not quite hit the ball right.”

Since he is the attack’s spearhead, the all-round game of Firmino was as significant as his goals. But Carragher thinks that the other parts of his package have dipped.

Carragher said, “Bringing others into the game dropped off, and the counter-pressing and winning the ball backdropped off.” Not only do I claim this season, but I go back to the last season when Liverpool won the league.

Then I was nervous, wondering if he might turn things around.

He’s the one that I’m most concerned about, and if there’s one that’s going to be phased out before the others, I probably think it’s Firmino.

“Front Three will have to be broken up sooner or later.

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