Jürgen Klopp: English football should allow fans to stadiums with the safe return


Jürgen Klopp said that English football should be allowed to measure the safe return of fans to stadiums next month, as it plays a crucial role in bringing happiness to people’s lives.

The Premier League expressed discontent with the potential delay for supporters returning from 1 October in a letter to the Government according to The Guardian, arguing that 100,000 jobs are based on match day activities and that any month without fans costs the industry £ 100 m.

Liverpool manager argues that there is also an important psychological element in favor of reintroducing crowds, and football should be given every opportunity to test it as expected.

Klopp, whose team in July lifted the Premier League trophy behind closed doors at Anfield, said: “I sincerely hope that without supporters this will not be a season. I hope we can stick to the October-November plans to get some people back into a stadium. I hope so because we’ve got to try these things too.

“First and foremost, we’ve got to get people back to work so that the economy can get stable in both countries again. But now, after all the necessary things are in a better position than before, we are just human beings and human beings just deserve to have some fun to do their important work. I believe we’re part of that – bringing people joy. If we can build a healthy atmosphere for people in the stadiums, then only then, they should be given a chance.”

“I can’t decide whether or not we should make it. I’m pretty sure we can and should take a close look at what other countries are trying to do and what the effect is because if France and Germany are getting people back and nothing happens then it should be possible for us too. It is not the most important thing in the world but we must allow people to return to a football stadium amid all the concerns and uncertainties we have. It is part of a lifetime. I hope it happens sooner than later.”

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