Juventus records their worst record in Serie A



After 21 games with Juventus recording their worst record in Serie A for nine seasons, Andrea Pirlo picked up nine fewer points than Maurizio Sarri.

Last weekend, The Old Lady suffered a 1-0 loss away from Napoli and sits fourth in Serie A, eight points behind Inter League leaders, but with a game in hand.

Out of 21 games, the Bianconeri won 12, with six draws and three losses.

With just 19 goals conceded, they have scored 41 goals and have the best defensive record in the League.

Andrea Pirlo’s Juventus, however, have nine points less than Maurizio Sarri’s side last season. It’s the worst record since the Old Lady (2011-12) which, incidentally, somehow ended up being crowned Serie A champions by them.

Over the last decade, only Luigi Delneri, who managed 35 points in 21 Juventus League games before finishing the season outside of Europe, has done worse.

Juventus’ record after 21 games in the last 10 years:

2020/21 – 42 points (Pirlo)

2019/20 – 51 (Sarri)

2018/19 – 59 (Allegri)

2017/18 – 53 (Allegri)

2016/17 – 51 (Allegri)

2015/16 – 45 (Allegri)

2014/15 – 50 (Allegri)

2013/14 – 56 (Conte)

2012/13 – 48 (Conte)

2011/12 – 45 (Conte)

2010/11 – 35 (Delneri)

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