Klopp maintains confidence in his players to turn the situation around



Liverpool may be a winless five-match race, but Jurgen Klopp maintains confidence in his players to turn the situation around.

Jurgen Klopp maintains that Liverpool continues to have the ability to contend for the Premier League crown, while he continues to take a long-term view of the reigning champions’ recent form.

Before Thursday’s game at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, the Reds manager made it clear that he needs his squad to be “really annoying” to play against as they look to rediscover a winning formula.

“I want it [the Manchester United game] to be the turning point, but the turning point with the result would be nice,” There have been a lot of positive things, but we have conceded three priorities, of course. This is not what we want.

The difficulty is an overall situation, but a challenge is good. I’m not the guy who sits here and thinks my life should be fine, and all the football games have to be won by my squad.
“You have to focus on it if anything goes wrong. That’s what we are doing.

If I say it’s a turning point, and then we don’t play against Tottenham like that, people say we’ve got to start again. We can’t always start fresh, we only started a while ago.

We’re going to stay on track, we’re going to do that, be very irritating, and fight hard. We’re going to be constructive and critical of the not-so-positive stuff-what that’s we do with the positive things.

I know people expect me, or whatever, to be in a bad mood, but I’m not. I take the scenario as it is and make sure that we are prepared to go out and fight. Tomorrow night, we’ll be set for one. How will this take us? I know not.

We cannot change the last month. I’m not only a good-weather coach. In all circumstances, you need to have the right answers. The right answer to this is: Respond. Choose some things, keep those that are good.”

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