Klopp on Lampard’s resignation: “Abramovich is not the most patient man in the world. It is cruel to make that decision so early”



Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp spoke about Chelsea’s sacking of Frank Lampard.

“I will not give any public advice to Tuchel. There is no need for them,” Klopp Team Talk quotes.

“Lampard’s had his work lost. I have to admit this is a rough moment. Chelsea, in my view, did a fantastic job in the transfer market, and the team needed time. It’s just natural. It is unfair to make such a decision too early.

Mr. Abramovich gives opportunities, but he is not the world’s most patient guy. As this is his club, I feel sorry for Frank.

Tuchel is a fantastic coach, and I admire him a lot. This squad at Chelsea is a real treat, isn’t it? Thomas is pretty sure he thinks so. They’re going to be fine.’

In the last 10 years, how many coaches have Chelsea changed? You’re either good or out. That’s their motto. You can’t do anything about it. I was lucky with the clubs I was at.

Frank is going to be perfect. At Chelsea, decisions are taken by people outside the world of football. In the game that Chelsea illustrated last season, football people would have seen a straightforward plan.

Frank does not want to hear it, but for a young coach, he’s done a lot of positive things. Soon he’ll be back if he wants to. He’s going to get more time.”

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