Lampard praises new signings


FrankLampard was pleased with two of Chelsea’s rookies as the Blues secured a clean sheet and the Champions League against Seville.

After Chelsea scored 0-0 with Seville in the Champions League, FrankLampard scored defensive additions to Thiago Silva and Edouard Mendy.

The last outing of the Blues saw them concede three times as Southampton took the Stamford Bridge draw, but on Tuesday night they looked a much better outfit on the way to their first point in Group E. He reserved special praise for the latter pair, who he thinks will have a major impact on Chelsea’s defense when he arrives at the transfer window.

“It’s something you’re still looking for and I spoke earlier about the workers we’ve had back in today,” he told reporters according to Target.

“Thiago, I thought, showed the stuff I talked about, the experience and the quality; Mendy probably had one good save to make, and he did it, he was good with his legs. It was against a very strong squad, a very coordinated defensive performance. They’re sending you a lot of threats, they’re really good, that’s why they’ve been so effective in the last year or two, so I was satisfied with that side of it.”

“In the last few minutes of the weekend, we’ve lost a goal that loses us two points. When you’ve got that feeling fresh in your mind, you must get over it. Getting through the game would give us faith.”

“We’re going to get better, I’m going to keep saying the same thing, but we didn’t have the staff there playing regularly, having relationships, working off each other. The more we do that, the better we get naturally.”

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