Luis Suarez Did Cheat On Italian Exam


Luis Suarez lied on his Italian test, which was revealed by a police inquiry.
In an attempt to gain Italian citizenship, the former Barcelona and Liverpool striker took the exam ahead of a failed transfer to Juventus in September.

Suarez, whose wife is of Italian origin, Sofia Balbi, passed an examination at the University of Perugia.

But there were complaints soon after that there were ‘irregularities’ in the exam and that the Uruguayan was privy to the questions beforehand.

It also emerged that Suarez did not speak a word of Italian and yet he passed by somehow.

And an inquiry found that the allegations of cheating were indeed real, as before he sat the exam, Suarez had been made aware of the content of the report.

As a result of their actions, university director Simone Olivieri was hit with an eight-month suspension, along with three professors.

They were found guilty of “coming to predetermine the outcome and the score of the exam, to correspond to the requests that they had been put forward by Juventus, to achieve a positive return of image, both personal and for the university.”

Similarly, some Juventus officials, including sports director Fabio Paratici, have been found to have placed pressure on the Italian police to obtain the all-important Italian passport from Suarez.

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