Lys Mousset orange Lamborghini Aventador wrecked in Sheffield


French forward Lys Mousset of Sheffield United is one supercar short after his orange Lamborghini Aventador was wrecked in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. Photos of the wreck first emerged on social media, with the police confirming for the BBC that two people were arrested in the aftermath.

Two men were arrested on suspicion of being over the prescribed limit in their 20s. Both were released under investigation as investigations continue,” says the official statement.”

The official line is that the Aventador Lamborghini crashed into several parked vehicles. At this time, no other specifics were revealed.

Whether Mousset was at the wheel is not known, but he’s 24 years old, for what it’s worth. His social media posts show that he was linked to the vehicle understandably, sometimes posing next to it like any respectable and well-off celebrity out there.

As per the article, Sheffield United’s internal investigation was triggered by the emergence of photographs of the crash on social media. Mousset himself, and his Instagram is now private, would not respond to calls for comment.

Last summer, under a contract of £ 10 million ($ 13.5 million), Mousset joined Sheffield from Bournemouth. He makes £25,000 ($34,000) a week and, based on his social media messages, is a budding car collector.

Ironically, a recent picture has him showing his orange Aventador next to the white Aventador of Benjamin Mendy. The latter, as a reminder, is the same Lambo that cops confiscated in November and was in danger of being crushed in December because it couldn’t be registered by Mendy. If a pair of unfortunate Lambos ever existed, this must be it.

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