Mauricio Pochettino rejected the offer to become the Monaco leader


Officially Mauricio Pochettino turned down the opportunity to become the next leader in Monaco.

Since his dismissal from Tottenham Hotspur in November Pochettino has been out of work and is considered to be training for his next dugout test.

And Argentina is naturally linked to several high-profile roles across Europe, just weeks remaining before the start of the new season.

However, the 48-year-old resisted the efforts of Monaco officials until they eventually named Nico Kovac, according to The Athletic.

Monaco faces another season of reconstruction after finishing the last campaign in ninth place, which may involve concentrating on developing their younger players at a time when buying during the next transfer window is likely to have to be made.

The reports add that Pochettino is prepared to bid his time before making any concrete proposals.

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