Mauricio Pochettino watched the club’s documentary All or Nothing in just 25 minutes


Former Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino and his assistant Jesus Perez watched the club’s documentary All or Nothing in just 25 minutes. Talking exclusively to Between The Lines, a new podcast hosted by The Independent’s senior football correspondent Melissa Reddy, the Argentine revealed how he felt about the documentary for the first time.

“I just saw the first 25 minutes with Jesus, because that was before we left the club,” Pochettino said.

“To be honest they were right — no more, no less. It was like, “Well, we’ve got to say that Jesus, Toni [Jimenez], Mikki [Miguel D’Agostino], Sebastiano [Pochettino] and Mauricio were there, but it’s not about the show. We felt responsible [to get it over the line] and it was very hard for us to say ‘yes,’ opening the door to Amazon, making them come to Tottenham at a really difficult time. I’m sorry for Jesus because, from seven in the morning, he spent hours trying to help the people of the Amazon make things work — with the matches, with the staff, all of it. I assume that Jesus turned up on me once after 25 minutes of watching. There was just a five-and-a-half-year rundown of 25 minutes and this was mostly to justify why we left the club. But I understand, since putting the club in a good place is a documentary, and they won’t open the doors to Amazon and make a crisis.”

“It may have been that it seems authentic but these kinds of documentaries are very strange in a world like a football. It’s so hard to be natural with the cameras but I guess they’re going to do what they wanted to do with it. It is necessary to show the facilities of the club — the new stadium, the new training ground — that we have been so committed to helping Daniel design.”

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