Mount on Lampard: “He means a lot to me. I’ve grown as a player”


Chelsea midfielder Mason Mount has spoken about the resignation of Frank Lampard as the Blues’ head coach.

“I’ve been playing for the club for a long time and I’ve seen outside coaches quitting while I was at the academy, but it feels different when you’re playing for the first team and it happens,” Mount told the club’s official website.

“It’s something that young players haven’t faced before, but we’re talking to players like Azpilicueta and Petr Cech, too, who have been through it and are trying to build on their experience to deal with it.”

“To me, Lampard was quite significant. He took me to Derby, gave me game time, and before coming back to Chelsea and continuing to learn, I learned a lot from him.

Only for all he has given me as a player on and off the pitch can I thank him. I’ve certainly grown up as a player, so he means a lot to me naturally.”

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