Mourinho expects Tottenham to be professional amid cultural shock


Tottenham is facing a cultural shock when they move to Marine in the FA Cup, but Jose Mourinho expects them to be professional.

On Sunday, Jose Mourinho expects his Tottenham side to take Minnows Marine from dreamland “back to reality” in a historic FA Cup third-round clash.

The Northern Premier League North/West part-time players and Spurs will go down in the record books as having the greatest gap in the pyramid between each other when they meet in the history of the sport at Marine Travel Arena.

In a press conference on Friday, the Spurs boss said: “I don’t think they want to play against the under-23 Tottenham, they want to play against the Tottenham team with the players they love, they follow. We want to know their striker, their center-back, their tactical organization, the very same way we do with other rivals. They feel happy to play against us in the same way, I suppose.

I feel very glad to be playing against them. The dream, I understand. It’s up to us to get them back to life, but I understand the dream clearly. Nobody places a foot on a football pitch feeling like they will lose. We are the top clinicians. It’s up to us, as soon as possible, to make them realize that.”

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