Mourinho wants Alli to follow the precedent set by Tanguy Ndombele


Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho has said that out-of-favor midfielder Dele Alli should follow the precedent set by Tanguy Ndombele.

In anticipation of Sunday’s Premier League match against Newcastle, Mourinho said of Ndombele, “I am very happy [with him]. All the time, I say, when a player makes progress, it’s the player’s work, it’s the player’s obligation. It’s not the coach who’s doing the miracle. On his own, the player does it; he has to realize how to move in the right direction. Tanguy is doing very well, step by step.”

“I didn’t talk to Tanguy. I just don’t think he understood the way that it moved was the right one. Players know all the time that I don’t give places for free. The players must fight, they must win, only because he was an expensive buyer or because he’s an important player, I’m never going to give him a place in the squad. He has to do it on his own, perhaps with the aid of his teammates, and he’s heading in the right direction.”

When asked if Ndombele ‘s reaction was what he wanted to see from Alli and others who were out of favor, Mourinho said, “Yeah, I want to see that. I don’t want players to whine, I don’t want players to be upset, I don’t want players to feel like I have anything against them if I don’t pick them up.”

“I want people to fight on the field for the minutes they get, and when you play for Tottenham, you have to know that the team wants to get better and stronger, that the rewards are going to be better and greater, and that people on the field can’t feel relaxed.”

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