Pep Guardiola calls on the Premier League to rethink the decision of three substitutions per game


Pep Guardiola is the new main figure to call on the Premier League to reconsider the decision to return to three substitutions per game. Manchester City chief Pep Guardiola called on the Premier League Bosses to reconsider making five substitutions, arguing that the new rules display a lack of respect for the game.

Speaking on Friday, Guardiola said there were “47% more muscular injuries” this year compared to the same point of the campaign in 2019-20.

And the Catalan added his voice to the growing movement for the Premier League to reconsider the decision to make just three substitutions per game.

“It’s nothing to do with any teams getting an advantage,” BT Sport said. “It’s about why we’re here-players. Forget about the advantage; it’s about protecting all players.

“They begin to struggle when they play every three days. Why is this happening in all leagues, and here we can’t protect the players? Statistics speak for themselves. Players are not recovering from the previous game or the previous season. It doesn’t make much sense.”

“Who has voted for the decisions? Who are they, huh? They’ve got to protect the players. They’ve got to decide. The rule is appropriate to FIFA, UEFA.”

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