Ronaldo: No exuces for Juve


Juventus were defeated soundly in their last game of 2020, and Cristiano Ronaldo warned that in the new year they must strengthen their game. Cristiano Ronaldo claims that there was no justification for Juventus’ 3-0 home defeat to Fiorentina, but the Serie A champions are predicted to “come back stronger and more united than ever” in 2021.

Ronaldo acknowledges that their display was insufficient and for the rest of the season he has called on the Bianconeri to regroup.

The captain of Portugal posted on Instagram: “Yesterday, we closed our scheduled games for 2020, a special year in many specific ways, with poor performance and a result far from acceptable. Empty stadiums, COVID protocols, postponed games, long stoppages, and a very tight calendar.

But this is no excuse for anything. We know that we have to give more of ourselves, to play better, and to win more consistently. We are Juventus! And we simply cannot accept anything less than excellence on the pitch! I hope this shortstop will help us to come back stronger and more unified than ever because the season is still far from over and we believe that we are finally far from over. Believe in us, trust our team as much as we trust you, and we will deliver!”

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