Sergio Ramos feels good after getting surgery on a knee injury


Real Madrid center-back Sergio Ramos has assured fans that he feels good after getting surgery on a knee injury.

In the video of himself giving an update on his well-being, Ramos’ incredible, purple sofa took center stage. The sofa seems to be made from 100 percent real muppet fur.

Ramos said on Twitter, “Hello everybody, I’m back home now. I had to undergo surgery, in the end. Nobody enjoys being in that case. Thank God it all turned out fine. It was a medical recommendation and there was no other choice for me. I’m very pleased with how it all worked out and I’m going to try to come back as soon as possible to support the team because there’s a long season ahead. I also want to thank Dr. Leyes and his entire team for their exemplary care and work during the procedure.
And thank you all, of course, for the messages of so much love that touched my heart and inspired me to come back stronger. With a huge thank you. We will be back together again.”

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