“The team has shown trust in its powers.” – Koeman about the win over Juventus



Barcelona head coach Ronald Koeman summed up the match between the Champions League and Juventus.

“It’s always really important to construct moments. In this match, we had dominance. The outcome is a decent one. We did not have a qualitative realization of the moments. We had a really good chance of that. But Griezmann was not lucky, even though his attempts were fine. He needs to continue working, the goals will come,” Kuman told reporters after the match, as quoted by Marca.

“The team has demonstrated that it trusts in itself and has shown trust in its powers. We’ve shown our character in a match with a tough opponent. The decision of Bartomeu to leave did not impact the team. We’re thinking about the sports part. It’s not worrying me. We’re focused on soccer, the rest isn’t in our control. We’ve had a fantastic match. We had a lot of moments, the issue of the winner had to be eliminated a lot sooner. Nice win, I’m so pleased. This is the nearest Barca game to perfection for me. My friendship with Leo Messi was never complicated. At the end of the game, I just told him he was supposed to score a lot sooner.”

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