Thiago Alcantara closer to transferring from Bavaria to Liverpool


Spanish midfielder Thiago Alcantara (29) is getting closer to transferring from Bavaria to Liverpool, German Bild reports. Bild says that Jurgen Klopp, an English coach, wants the Spaniard in their ranks, but the two clubs have not yet found a common language on the amount of compensation.

Liverpool is said to be willing to pay a maximum of € 25 million, while Bayern is demanding for €40 million for the 29-year-old. Alcantara has a contract for another season with Bayern, and despite the German champions’ wishes he did not agree to continue the cooperation.

“We have negotiated with him, but he seems to want something else,” said Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, president of Bayern, in early July.

The Spaniard arrived from Barcelona for 25 million euros in 2013 at Bayern. He has won seven German championship titles in seven seasons, four cups, three German Super Cups and a World Cup club. He had scored 31 goals for the Bavarian giants in 231 appearances.

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