UK government to discuss the return of fans to the stadium with senior sports officials


The UK government is scheduled to meet with senior sports officials this week to discuss the return of fans to the stadium, with the New, Culture, Media, and Sports Department (DCMS) hoping to invite some spectators back for October 1st.

Around 2,500 fans have been invited to attend the August friendly clash between Brighton and Chelsea and the pilot event has been seen as a success. The recent upswing in Covid-19 cases in the UK, however, has led to a rethink of plans to welcome fans back to the ground, with pilot events limited to 1,000 participants.

The Premier League protested this, with CEO Richard Masters announcing in a statement released on Friday that they had written to the government to express their concerns about the limited number of fans allowed to return as part of the pilot tests.

But BBC Sport now says the UK government will meet with senior officials this week to try to agree on a plan and reopen grounds for returning fans once again. Furthermore, DCMS Secretary of State Oliver Dowden will meet with stakeholders to understand their views ahead of the government talks.

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